Saturday, October 20, 2007


I feel in love with this necklace the first time I saw it in the book. However, this is just a sample because it's acrylic beads instead of swarovski crystal. It look like a Princess necklace~ very sweet and nice right? Keke... When I find out where can I get cheaper crystals, I will make one with crystals. Think it will look even more nicer. I just realise, the final product look abit dull with acrylic beads. Still like the blink blink feeling of swarovski crystal. Hee~ Must find one nice neck to let me put the necklace on and take photo liao.. haha

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Crystal Pig

Swarovski Crystal pig~ =D First tedious product that I did. Took me nearly 3 hours to finish this pig. -_-" I did this because my colleague say she wanna learn, therefore she ask me to try it out first, shouldn't have agree with it sia. lolx.. My eyes nearly drop out again when I do this. But heng ar, it turn out to be like a pig, arbo sad sia... =D Selling at $25 per pig~

Friday, October 12, 2007

One Set of Earring & Necklace

This is the first thing that was done as a set. A pair of earrings and necklace.I think it came out quite nice. It was meant to be a birthday gift for this colleague's girlfriend, hence I only help out and give ideas. HE did most of the job.

Anyway, this is the first try to make it a set. I think it looks quite good. If I'm his girlfriend and I saw this, I think I will be very touched.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

DIY Ring Part 2

This is the ring that I made on my colleague's finger. I gave her the ring for free publicity.. lolx.. Next ring she want will be charged. I myself like this ring color combination!~ Ring selling at $5 each =D

DIY Ring

My new product, beaded ring. Another project that need patience.. because do until my eye balls nearly drop out. However, I'm quite happy with the outcome. =D Ring selling at $5 each =D

Paper Cuttings Part 2

Part 2 of my paper cuttings~ =D

Paper Cuttings Part 1

Wooo~ Paper cuttings similar to those china de. However, I used penknife to cut instead of scissor, I wonder how china people can cut with scissor, really professional. I had some difficulties even though I'm using penknife lor...

Latest Ugly Picture of Myself

Latest picture of myself. Taken in office.. Please do not puke~