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Valentine Day Gifts 03

Ohh~~~ don't be mistaken... this is not a gift for me. This is a gift I buy for my mummy. Cute right? The bear is chocolate~ edible de oh~ Been thinking for the whole day what to give my mummy. Flowers to her is considered as expensive and waste of money. So I go walk walk around and saw this. So cute~ hahaha.. So I bought for her.. The price was quite reasonable also ^-^

I had a quarrel with my mum on 3rd of February.. end up never really talk to each other for few days... Was happy that my relationship with my mummy has improved over these 2 weeks. Now it was back to normal le, after we talk about it. Thanks mum~ I still love you alot.

Also, I want to thanks all those good friends/buddies that stand beside me during my darkest days... when I kept crying. They are Sacred, Adelphia, Min, FH, Jinyuan, lostspirit, Siheng, Stephen, Cloud, Lindy & Joey. Sorry if I missed anyone out. I sincerely thanks you all, without you all, I might still be hugging my pillow and cry. And if I sound emotional or moody or weird during that period of time, please pardon me. You all are very dear to me and I wish Friends Forever. Thanks again for being there for me. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, it's a day to celebrate friendship as well. This post is dedicated to you all. ^-^

For Sacred,

You have been a very good friend since I know you. You are the first one that know all the things that happened.. You stand by me through the darkest days even before the others know what happened. But because of this, alot of misunderstandings came out, and I'm really sorry that you have to go through those misunderstandings and rumours because of me. Guess I rely quite alot on you, hence all the misunderstandings from others. To me, you are a great friend that I never want to lose. My sincere thanks to you.

For Adelphia,

Though I've only know you for less than a year? Or should I say less than half a year? But you trusted me and believe in me. You are another true friend. I just wanna give you a very big beary hug. Thanks to you also, for everything that you did. ^-^

For Siheng,

Though you left Singapore, you still care for me. We are like family to each other. Thanks for your support too. ^-^


Valentine Day Gifts 02

This is the 2nd gift of the day I receive~ from a good friend. Was surprised that he really send me gift. What a good friend~ but... the note from him is the best of all.. The note says "Happy Valentine's Day, don't say you never receive anything on this day." Think I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET THIS SENTENCE~ LOLX.. so touching.. just because I say, I never receive things on Valentine's Day, he actually send me gift. Haha. THANKS MAN! Will always remember you~~~ ^-^

Valentine Day Gifts 01

Wooo~~~ it's been such a long time since I last update my blog. So sorry~ Today is Valentine's Day, and I very happy today, so I will upload the gifts I've received today~ This is the first gift I received for the day~ My boss gave it to me~ SWEET HOR?~! VERY NICE LEH~!!~!~~! LOVE IT DEEP DEEP!~

Then I ask my boss, why not champagne roses? My favorite colour leh...then she say.. hard to find... zzzzz.. but better then nothing~ =D Still wanna thanks my boss. I also got give them present oh~ but forgot to take pictures.. will take picture tomorrow then post it. ^-^