Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kueh Bangkit

This is my first time baking kueh bangkit. This is one of the hardest recipe I ever try.... can't get those melt in the mouth texture. The texture is more of a cookie... sad.. but luckily the taste is still there, so still got people eat. I won't give up, will sure try again to make it MELT IN THE MOUTH!

Oatmeal Cookies

Other than baking "Sinful" chocolate chip cookies, I baked some healthy oatmeal cookies as well. My mum loves these~ Healthy and nice~ =D

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last year baked alot of pineapple tarts during CNY to give people. This year my mother say change to something else, so I baked chocolate chip cookies. Been baking for nearly every Saturday or Sunday since mid of January. Gave out alot and receive compliments, I'm happy! ^-^