Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello Kitty Face

YES YES~ It's Hello Kitty~~~ LOLx, this is the 2nd product that my elder sister ordered. Actually I've completed this on Tuesday, but the outline of the face is purple instead of pink. After I finish the product, I see again... seems like purple don't look very nice, so, I went to get pink crystals and redo. WOOTs~ think Hello Kitty still look better with pink colour. Haha. Got a few more project on hands, as per request by some friends that would like to see, maybe will do it over the weekend, so.. wait for it to appear on my blog ok? ^-^

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Magic Couple

WOOTS~ The purple one is the one that my big boss order from me de. I just completed it yesterday night. Although there's some changes in the arrangement of the colour but I still think it look nice. End up.. these 2 look like prince & princess eh? HAHA. So changes might not be bad also, as long as it look nice. ^_^ Some things are simply amazing~ isn't it? Imagine putting small beads together can look like this~ and when the beads slowly take shape, you get more and more excited.. haha.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rainbow Doggie

This doggie is very small as I used 3MM beads to make. My eyes nearly went x_x And the worse part is, the right ear of the dog, suppose to be facing downwards instead of upwards one. But... no matter how many times I redo.. it still face upwards =_= HOWEVER!!! Those who seen it say, like that looks cuter! WAKAKAKAKAKA! The more I look at it, I also think like that look better leh, hahaha, more special than both facing downwards mah, right? Will upload some more of my latest product after I complete it. ^_^

Magic Princess

I realize it's been quite sometime since I last updated my blog with my handicrafts =x Been mapling lately.. lolx.. Anyway, due to my sister's order, I'm back on beading recently. This is one of the product that she ordered from me. The material already cost me $18 O_o Scary hor? But after I finish making it... I, myself fell in love with it as well. Lolx~~~ I wanted so much to make one for myself as well but scare I make liao.. end up can't bare to use it leh. Haha.. Never mind, take picture and keep also can. Keke.