Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ice Cream Sundae

Does it look like a sundae? The spoon charm I had was kinda small for this sundae, that's way I have to make one out of beads. Was struggling and killing brain cells on how to make a spoon out of beads..... zzzzz... As most of you know, I never go to any beading classes, all self study then trial and error one. So it's a difficult task to create something out of nothing ... =_= So end up.. anyhow make... ugly also no choice =_=

A Slice of Cake

Seriously speaking, when I finish making the cake without the cherry & fork, it don't look like a piece of cake to me........ T_T When I add in a piece of cherry on top of the cake, was quite amazed that it do give a different feeling, at least it look a little bit like a cake now. Without thinking too much, I complete the whole thing with a chain and a fork as decoration. I brought it out to show one of my friends, then she say want to buy, hoho~ But I gave it to her instead of selling her. ^-^ I'm happy as long as got people appreciate my work. =D

Bags 06

Another bag~ haha~ When I first look at the picture, it really look like a "grocery bag" that auntie use when they go to wet market. =x But it look kinda cute in small size~ haha~

P/S: It's been some time since the last post. Was busy struggling to understand XML & CSS style codes so I can give my blog a new look. And the struggling went on for about 2 weeks. Anyway~ at least I got my blog a new look which I call it the "Z" Design! ^-^ I'm quite satisfied with it, but think will enhance it again in the future.