Monday, December 29, 2008

Q Version of God of Fortune & Watch Belt

CNY is coming, hence God of Fortune is also along the way to bring me fortune! Haha~ Had a long time figuring out on how should I attach the head to the body. Even though I managed to get the head attached to the body, I'm also not sure whether it's the correct way.. but... who cares?! Lolx, as long as the head is nicely attached can already, right? Wakakakaka~

Yes yes~ It's the same watch. But the previous design doesn't really suits my wrist size. The first time I made it, the watch was just nice for my wrist only (can say it's tight fitting). So, I decided to lengthen it a little bit more.. then it end up too big for my wrist.. =_= Had a "long" weekend last week, came out with this design which I like it very much. However, it's a very very tedious design, I wanted to give up every now and then, because it's very tiring.... But, managed to force myself to complete it. And there it is! The sense of fulfillment was SUPER GREAT! =D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Gift for the ladies in the Office

This is the Christmas gift (other than the one for gift exchange) for the ladies in the office. I starting making these necklaces since October, and I've made 15 of them! Luckily I've started early, if not confirm cannot finish on time. Also take into account that I might not be able to find the alphabet charms that I wanted and time taken for them to re-stock. Just in time for Christmas~ The girl that sell charm can even recognize me.. haha.. can imagine how frequent I went to the store.. lolx~ I hope the ladies are happy with this Christmas gift~ Imagine the ladies in the same agency wearing the same kind of necklace, should be fun & interesting.

Talking about yesterday Christmas party. I really had a very fun time. After the food and gift exchange, we suddenly became little kids with a can of Flying Snow spray and starting chasing and spraying each other! Haha, it was so fun! One of the guy look like snowman after being attacked by us. Lolx. Will be having another celebration today~ Wishing all a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS in advance!!! ENJOY~ Cheers~

Teddy Bear

Using 4mm Bicone beads for the yellow bear & 5mm round beads for the blue bear. The blue bear was the one in the gift exchange present. Hoho, the melody earring was hooked onto the bear's ear & the bracelet went around the neck of the bear to make it look like a scarf. Forgotten to take a picture of it. =_= My colleagues say the yellow bear look like Winnie the Pooh because of the colour. Haha.

My Melody Earrings

A pair of My Melody Earring using 1mm beads. Had a session of Christmas gift exchange yesterday. So this pair of Earring was included in the gift as well, it's an additional gift together with a bracelet & a bear. I find it very cute, thinking weather to make one for myself or not.. haha. However, after much thought, I think it should be an exclusively only for the person who receive this gift ba. ^-^ I know she will like it and she will wear it~ =D

Angel Teddy (Teddy Bear with Wings)

Based on the previous post on what I've said about the order. I finally managed to come out a teddy bear with a pair of wings! And luckily, it looks quite nice! Haha, anyway, my client was very happy with this teddy bear. Consider it as a good job done! =D I also want to make one for myself, keke. Since I will be having a long weekend, I can use it to make one Angel Teddy for myself~~~~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mandarin Orange

A year has passed by unknowingly, very soon it will be CNY again. I went to the shop that sell beads last week and saw the boss making these mandarin oranges. Find it very nice so I stood there and "steal knowledge".. haha.. After some figuring and some information from the boss, I went home and figure the rest on myself. And there it is~ lolx.. I brought it back to the shop and let the boss see, and he said I did correctly... wakakaka.. Think my "system" (brain) is getting better every time I do something. My "system" can now capture image and key in data.. lolx..

Angel & Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear - Did this using 2mm Beads, so the bear end up kinda small, can use as a handphone chain. Did this over the weekend, was very happy over it, so I brought it to show it to my colleagues on Monday & Tuesday. However, I lost the bear after the morning meeting on Tuesday. T_T Sad arhhhhhhhh!!! Haiz... no choice but to go home and try to do another one... T_T

Angel - One of my client requested for an Angel with big wings. I search around but only to find majority of the Angels are with small wings. So I'll have to pick abit here and there for the wing and attach it to the body of the Angel. Luckily, it still look like an angel ^-^

Before I end this post.. my client end up wanting the bear but with wings attached on it. I realize my this client like to test me...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dog with Bone

I had this friend to work in a provision shop that I frequent nearly every week after my breakfast. I decided to make something for her after she tell me that the shop will be closed down for some other purposes. I remember she like this rainbow dog when I show her all the beadings that I've done. So I decided to make one for her too but this time round, the little doggie came along with a tiny dog bone~! Since the doggie is made of 3mm beads, so obviously the dog bone cannot be bigger than the doggie right? Hence, the dog bone is made of 1mm beads. If I say I got no problem in making it, I will be lying.. LOLx.. I'm cursing and swearing while making the done bone.. because the beads are toooooooo small. However, it look very cute after completing it. =D

A Birthday Gift

This necklace killed alot of my brain cells... After making the butterfly (it's swarovski crystal), it took me quite sometime to figure out which is the best way to make it into a necklace. After much thought... it turn out to be like this... Luckily, the overall appearance still look nice~ LOLx~ If not I won't dare to give to people.

Friday, November 07, 2008


Don't be mistaken.. I only make the belt of the watch. Had a long and hard time thinking what design is better for the belt before finally decided to use this. The outcome was not too bad. However, the belt end up too long for my wrist.. guess I will have to re-do it over the weekend. Will it look nicer by using crystal? hmmx....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bracelet Again

These are the 2 orders that I've completed and collected money liao! Haha.. These 2 bracelets are made using 2x crystals, meaning, it will really blink blink. And the cost of these crytals are more expensive that the normal ones.. LoLx, so only the customer ask for it, I myself use the normal one =x This bracelet is not cheap, because the material cost is already a bomb for my standard. Hoho~ But if you think you have no idea on what to give your girlfriend and has spare cash, this is a not a bad gift right? Keke~ Also my packaging upgrade liaoz, now come with nice boxes.. hoho~

Ring with Name

Hoho~ this ring got my name on it wor~ But... I happened to make it too big for my last finger and yet too small for my forth finger.. zzzz.. so I break apart the ring le. Will try to make it the correct size soon, so I can wear it and show off to people~ Haha~

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


This is my latest masterpiece. LOLx, fell in love with this bracelet the first time I saw it in the shop I frequent to buy beads. Consider quite long whether to learn or not to learn, because the total cost of the crystal beads for this bracelet is around $30+. Well, I end up deciding on learning it because it is toooooooooooo nice for me to reject and also unable to figure it out on my own. Haha~ the bracelet in the third picture is made using 2mm beads with a arrangement of the colours. I already got 2 orders for this bracelet liaoz. So Happy~!~!~!~!~

I made this using acrylic beads, actually it look good on its own. And I manage to modify the ending to something nicer & easier, so happy~ =D Eh, that hand is confirmed not mine, that hand belong to my lady boss.. I where got such nice hand? LOL~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Melody 01

My Melody~~~~ cute cute mah? Only the head.. lolx.. Next time I want to try and see if I can make it with body. However!!!! It's not easy =_= I got the chart but.. it's in Japanese wordings... 看不懂~~~~~~~~ T_T Anyone know Japanese wanna help me decipher? =D

Monday, September 15, 2008

Executive Makeover - Group Picture

Finally!!!! Our executive makeover group picture is here!! Haha~ Don't we look happy?~ Wakaka, must thanks to the photographer who did a good job in making us smile till like that. It's a fun and pretty day for all of us! Hoho~

Enhancement on Slice of Cake

Hoho, this is an enhancement on the beaded cake I've posted previously. Added another small slice of cake that is suppose to be from the big slice of cake. I know, it doesn't really look like a cake now, but I'm sure as time goes on and more enhancement done on the cake, it will look more and more like a slice a cake. =D

Friday, September 05, 2008

Executive Makeover Session with Agency Team

Had an "Executive Makeover Session" with agency team last week. Hoho~ It's been such a long time since I went for a makeover session. Luckily I slim down abit liaoz~ If not the picture will look horrible I assume.. haha~ Since it was agency activity, so the team of 6 including me, took turns to makeup and take individual pictures before having the group picture taken. By the time everything was done, it was already 8 pm+ and to think that I'm one of the first batch to go in de (reach there around 2.30pm. Tiring day... It was about 10pm when I reached home. Had a hard time trying to remove all the makeup from my face. No wonder I don't like to makeup. Haha~ No wonder I dislike to makeup but also due to my face abit sensitive lah, get abit itchy after makeup.. want to scratch the face yet cannot. Most of the people think the 2nd picture look best. Of course lah! That one is with touch up! Ugly girl like me will only look nice after touch up! But this is the first time I look so professional.. haha.. like going to report news on TV like that. I think I would like to go for a wild makeover look, if there's promotion somewhere =x

Below is a conversation between me (ZE) and my dear boss (KL):

KL: Let me see your face with makeup.
ZE: Orh..
KL: Eh, you look nice with makeup, must makeup more.
ZE: Boss, this kind of look hor, long long time see once is surprise and will look nice. Everyday let you see then you will think it's normal liaoz.

LOL~ Seriously lah.. I really dislike to makeup due to my sensitive skin and laziness (yes~ I admit that, lolx~). And to spend so much money on cosmetics meant for sensitive skin? I rather spend on other things to pamper myself. =x However, what will happen to my mindset in the future, no one knows, including me, but I know that I won't do it at the moment. Wakakaka~ Sorry boss, have to disappoint you. =x


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ice Cream Sundae

Does it look like a sundae? The spoon charm I had was kinda small for this sundae, that's way I have to make one out of beads. Was struggling and killing brain cells on how to make a spoon out of beads..... zzzzz... As most of you know, I never go to any beading classes, all self study then trial and error one. So it's a difficult task to create something out of nothing ... =_= So end up.. anyhow make... ugly also no choice =_=

A Slice of Cake

Seriously speaking, when I finish making the cake without the cherry & fork, it don't look like a piece of cake to me........ T_T When I add in a piece of cherry on top of the cake, was quite amazed that it do give a different feeling, at least it look a little bit like a cake now. Without thinking too much, I complete the whole thing with a chain and a fork as decoration. I brought it out to show one of my friends, then she say want to buy, hoho~ But I gave it to her instead of selling her. ^-^ I'm happy as long as got people appreciate my work. =D

Bags 06

Another bag~ haha~ When I first look at the picture, it really look like a "grocery bag" that auntie use when they go to wet market. =x But it look kinda cute in small size~ haha~

P/S: It's been some time since the last post. Was busy struggling to understand XML & CSS style codes so I can give my blog a new look. And the struggling went on for about 2 weeks. Anyway~ at least I got my blog a new look which I call it the "Z" Design! ^-^ I'm quite satisfied with it, but think will enhance it again in the future.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Totoro - Little Black Charcoal

YES YES!!! This is the first time I figure out how to make something from a picture!!! Hahaha~ I was like keep staring and the first picture, trying to figure out how to make the black charcoal~ And there!!! Even not 100% same, but think it's 80% there liao~ Keke~

P/S: MUSHY!!! Is this ok?~?~

Star Pendant

Don't say I only make bags~ This is a star pendant. Look quite sweet, isn't it? ^-^ Oh, by the way, other then special orders, most of my products are made using Acrylic (plastic) beads. It look nice enough as long as you don't compare it side by side to crystal, lolx.

Bag 06

Wanted to upload yesterday de.. but forgot to bring my handphone out.... zzzzzz, blur blur me. Anyway, isn't this haversack cute? Haha, I like it very much. Wonder if it fits barbie doll? Haha~ will need to make one blue color for my colleague using bicone beads, wonder how it will look like.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

On Sided Wing

The design is like this~not I do wrong or delibrately do 1 side only ok? LOL~ However, the wing was supposed to be in white + silver colour, but due to shortage in colour =x I made it into gold & silver. Luckily it's not to weird~ haha~think it will look nice as a necklace on dark coloured clothes ^-^

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ice Cream 01

I realize that recently after I made an original size beaded item, I will try to make an even more smaller version of it. Haha, not trying to test my ability, but think it will look even more cuter in tiny size and I think I can be the first one to wear a beaded handbag or ice cream as earring? Keke~ Maybe not the first lah.. I suppose people who are good in making beaded stuffs have already done it long ago. Keep a look out for new items!! ^-^

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bags 05

WOOOO~~~ My latest collections over the weekend~ Keke~ Very soon I can have my little showcase of bags. Still thinking should I DIY a little showcase or just buy one from outside. The more I do, the more interesting it turns out to be. Haha~ Will confirm do somemore... maybe do a few more MINI size one. ^-^

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bags 04

Yeah~ As I've said, I'm engrossed in making bags nowadays, this is my latest bag! Haha, at first I was only thinking of making bags, but when I make more, I thought of making smaller bags. And so, he previous post was out, bag with 2mm beads. Now, I finally made a bag with 1mm beads!! Guess you can see from the picture that it's really kinda small, but~ yeap!!! I WAS EXTREMELY SATISFIED AND HAPPY WHEN I'VE DONE IT! MUAHAHAHAHAHA~ but really can make my eyes x_x Will continue to make more 3mm beads bag~ so my collection will be more and more~ hee~

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bags 03

The white bag is the bag from previous post, using 3mm acrylic beads. The one below the white bag is done using 2mm japan beads. Hmmx, was thinking of making something even smaller, guess I used the wrong beads. Haha~ Never mind, will try again using 1mm beads then see what size it will come out. Keke~ Keep a lookout~!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Keroppi, Especially for Rara & Renew

Hope it doesn't look too bad~ Nice knowing both of you and mushy~ ^_^ Will teach you this if you think it's nice~ =D

Hello Kitty Family

Woots~ my sister ordered another 5 hello kitties from me~ and so here they are~ A BIG FAMILY! Haha~ Actually quite nice to see so many different colours together which I thought the colours look odd in the first place. Anyway, it turned out nice~ so be it~ ^_^

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bags 02

My new collection of bags. LoLx~~ I fell in love with making bags recently, because I want to have a showcase of bags if I can. Hehe~ It's even cuter & nicer than the real one, and most important thing is~~~~ CHEAPER!!!! And it's alot cheaper, haha~~~ I can even change a bag everyday to work and showoff~ good right? LOL~~

Friday, July 04, 2008

Bags 01

I fell in love with making bags recently. The LV multicolored monogram is the first one that I've made, although there's a mistake in making in but nevertheless, I still like it. Haha~ The other one is an evening bag, look like those that the "Tais Tais" will buy. Keke, but still cute~ Will continue to make more bags! Then I can everyday change 1 bag.. haha.

Mini Schnauzer, Especially for Mushhball

HO~ Mini Schnauzer~ One of my maple friends ask me do de, she requested for black one because her friend is having black schnauzer... But if body black black, den cannot see the eyes le, so don't know if she will like this anot. Will ask her to see later ^_^

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello Kitty Face

YES YES~ It's Hello Kitty~~~ LOLx, this is the 2nd product that my elder sister ordered. Actually I've completed this on Tuesday, but the outline of the face is purple instead of pink. After I finish the product, I see again... seems like purple don't look very nice, so, I went to get pink crystals and redo. WOOTs~ think Hello Kitty still look better with pink colour. Haha. Got a few more project on hands, as per request by some friends that would like to see, maybe will do it over the weekend, so.. wait for it to appear on my blog ok? ^-^

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Magic Couple

WOOTS~ The purple one is the one that my big boss order from me de. I just completed it yesterday night. Although there's some changes in the arrangement of the colour but I still think it look nice. End up.. these 2 look like prince & princess eh? HAHA. So changes might not be bad also, as long as it look nice. ^_^ Some things are simply amazing~ isn't it? Imagine putting small beads together can look like this~ and when the beads slowly take shape, you get more and more excited.. haha.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rainbow Doggie

This doggie is very small as I used 3MM beads to make. My eyes nearly went x_x And the worse part is, the right ear of the dog, suppose to be facing downwards instead of upwards one. But... no matter how many times I redo.. it still face upwards =_= HOWEVER!!! Those who seen it say, like that looks cuter! WAKAKAKAKAKA! The more I look at it, I also think like that look better leh, hahaha, more special than both facing downwards mah, right? Will upload some more of my latest product after I complete it. ^_^

Magic Princess

I realize it's been quite sometime since I last updated my blog with my handicrafts =x Been mapling lately.. lolx.. Anyway, due to my sister's order, I'm back on beading recently. This is one of the product that she ordered from me. The material already cost me $18 O_o Scary hor? But after I finish making it... I, myself fell in love with it as well. Lolx~~~ I wanted so much to make one for myself as well but scare I make liao.. end up can't bare to use it leh. Haha.. Never mind, take picture and keep also can. Keke.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Wooo~~~ All the while, I wanted to create a logo of my own. So if one day I got the chance to be my own boss, then it will be useful. Finally some ideas strike on me yesterday at work, so I drew it down... had a few different ideas.. but think this is the nicest. So~ after some enhancements, and TA DA~~~~ this is the outcome.

Anyway.. the smallest one is for the use on namecard.. which I hope I can use it soon =D Who knows~ one of these days, I might distribute namecard to you~ wakakakaka~ Then whenever you need some small gifts for friends, you know who to look for~ ^-^

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My New Image

Woot~ Went to hair salon yesterday~ thought of just trimming the ends of my hair nia but thinking that maybe I should have a new image. So end up cutting my hair short, lolx~ Think it's kinda short compared to my previous hair length. Was kinda sad when the first batch of hair fell to the ground. Well, the end result was not that bad lah, only became uglier... lolx~~~

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Most recent siggie

This is the most recent siggie that I've created. At least something sound more happy~ lolx.. My friends say.. It's time to post some happy things and create a happy siggie. I did as I'm told.. keke.. And I've also created a logo for myself!!~ Which is the one u see in the header of my blog. The "Z" in the heart =D

I believe that as long as I wear a smile on my face
Luck will be coming along the way

So~~~ from today onwards, I will be wearing my trademark smile on the face as often as I can.

Simple Siggie

I had a bad CNY this year... the tears drop like nobody business. Seems like the whole CNY, I'm crying.. guess I torture my eyes too much for the whole February. So this siggie came out, was thinking that.. maybe after all the tearing.. happy moments are nearby. =D

Gif Animation That I've Created 03

I realize my mood will fluctuate based on other's mood. I got this habit of blaming myself for things that happened if it's somehow or rather.. involve me. I know it's not a good thing, but if by saying sorry can settle things peacefully.. I don't mind being the baddy. ^-^

Gif Animation That I've Created 02

This is the 2nd one.. also kinda sad hor.. don't why.. but whenever I feel like making a new signature... the thoughts happened to be ermmmmmm... abit sad.. =x

Gif Animation That I've Created 01

This is the first gif that I've created using Photoshop + Sqirlz Water Reflections. It's a signature for the forum that I've joined. Yar.. I know the message is kinda sad...but dunno why... it's just words from the heart ^-^

Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Monday, February 25, 2008



Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Day Gifts 03

Ohh~~~ don't be mistaken... this is not a gift for me. This is a gift I buy for my mummy. Cute right? The bear is chocolate~ edible de oh~ Been thinking for the whole day what to give my mummy. Flowers to her is considered as expensive and waste of money. So I go walk walk around and saw this. So cute~ hahaha.. So I bought for her.. The price was quite reasonable also ^-^

I had a quarrel with my mum on 3rd of February.. end up never really talk to each other for few days... Was happy that my relationship with my mummy has improved over these 2 weeks. Now it was back to normal le, after we talk about it. Thanks mum~ I still love you alot.

Also, I want to thanks all those good friends/buddies that stand beside me during my darkest days... when I kept crying. They are Sacred, Adelphia, Min, FH, Jinyuan, lostspirit, Siheng, Stephen, Cloud, Lindy & Joey. Sorry if I missed anyone out. I sincerely thanks you all, without you all, I might still be hugging my pillow and cry. And if I sound emotional or moody or weird during that period of time, please pardon me. You all are very dear to me and I wish Friends Forever. Thanks again for being there for me. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, it's a day to celebrate friendship as well. This post is dedicated to you all. ^-^

For Sacred,

You have been a very good friend since I know you. You are the first one that know all the things that happened.. You stand by me through the darkest days even before the others know what happened. But because of this, alot of misunderstandings came out, and I'm really sorry that you have to go through those misunderstandings and rumours because of me. Guess I rely quite alot on you, hence all the misunderstandings from others. To me, you are a great friend that I never want to lose. My sincere thanks to you.

For Adelphia,

Though I've only know you for less than a year? Or should I say less than half a year? But you trusted me and believe in me. You are another true friend. I just wanna give you a very big beary hug. Thanks to you also, for everything that you did. ^-^

For Siheng,

Though you left Singapore, you still care for me. We are like family to each other. Thanks for your support too. ^-^


Valentine Day Gifts 02

This is the 2nd gift of the day I receive~ from a good friend. Was surprised that he really send me gift. What a good friend~ but... the note from him is the best of all.. The note says "Happy Valentine's Day, don't say you never receive anything on this day." Think I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET THIS SENTENCE~ LOLX.. so touching.. just because I say, I never receive things on Valentine's Day, he actually send me gift. Haha. THANKS MAN! Will always remember you~~~ ^-^

Valentine Day Gifts 01

Wooo~~~ it's been such a long time since I last update my blog. So sorry~ Today is Valentine's Day, and I very happy today, so I will upload the gifts I've received today~ This is the first gift I received for the day~ My boss gave it to me~ SWEET HOR?~! VERY NICE LEH~!!~!~~! LOVE IT DEEP DEEP!~

Then I ask my boss, why not champagne roses? My favorite colour leh...then she say.. hard to find... zzzzz.. but better then nothing~ =D Still wanna thanks my boss. I also got give them present oh~ but forgot to take pictures.. will take picture tomorrow then post it. ^-^