Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hama Pug & TKDK Cactus

Make the pug & TKDK cactus for my brother & his girlfriend. They have a pug named Kimchi, so I made the pug for my brother's GF. My bro is a TKDK lover, same like me!! He like the cactus most, so I made one for him. Hee~ I'm not the creator of these designs, found them online and just make accordingly to the picture.

Beaded Dress 03

My last piece of dress before I'm hooked to Hama beads. This is a modern "Cheong Sum", another time killing work. Let's see if I have time to make another dress soon. =D Will definitely update it onto my Blog when done. Now kinda busy in making Christmas presents.

Hama Transformer

I guess the guys will love this alot. I used mini Hama beads to make this, so it came out in small size, I think if it is made with maxi Hama beads, it will look nice too! Can stick it to the wall, no need to buy sticker liao. Keke.