Sunday, August 12, 2012

Miniatures in a frame

My first time trying this kind of minature. You have to make everything from scratch, like the books, the sofa etc... I must admit, the workmanship of mine are only so-so, it could be better. It's not an easy job though, as the instructions are too simplified.. it names the material A1-A6 etc on the paper but not on the material itself, so I have to keep referring to the picture in order to ensure that I got the correct material on hand! But it's fun! Strictly not recommended for impatient individuals. Great gift for people who love miniatures & handicrafts. =D If I got the chance and extra cash to spare, I would love to try a bigger one with more things!

Yummy Pastries!

Pastries made out from paper. I bought it from Daiso thinking that it will not be a difficult thing to make but the instructions are in Japanese. Had some problem searching on which piece of paper is for which instructions. Tried to figure out certain things on my own. But I must say.. due to the nice printings on the paper, the pastries really came out looking good =D

Thursday, August 02, 2012

RelaxedLokLok Characters

Original characters from Read the comics and fell in love with these 5 main characters. So I seek approval from the comic artist to convert them into cross stitch. Took me quite some time to draw them nicely to look like the original ones. And here they are, I'm quite satisfied with it though I think there's room for improvements. =D