Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beaded Hello Kitty

Been busy for the past few months with work and cross stitch orders. Thanks for all those that bought personalized stuffs from me and I hope all the recipients like their gifts. The above is a Christmas gift for one of my friends who is a Hello Kitty fan~ I was quite worried at first because I myself don't really think it look like Hello Kitty.. but luckily she say it look like one. =D Hope next time can make one that's even more nicer =D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Small Pouch with Zip

As what the title shows. This little pouch can hold credit cards, coins or some small items, and it's personalized! =D

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pocket Tissue Holder Version 2

This time round with name. Would you like to have one of these?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beaded Korean Dress

Had a hard time doing this... as I only got the chart without any picture of the final product as reference. Took me 2 weeks to complete this!!! Some of the parts.. I re-do alot of times as it doesn't seems right. However, still manage to complete it in the end, and it look nice~ =D

Monday, July 20, 2009

Beaded Korean Bear

Woo~~~ Korean Bear is here~~!~! I think this is interesting, sooner or later I will be having teddy bears in lots of different clothing. LOLx~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beaded Groom Teddy Bear

The bride teddy bear finally found her Mr. Right~ Now they are happily married~! ^-^ Ever since I fell in love with beading, this is one of my toughest project, but the outcome really made me very happy~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beaded teddy bear using 1mm beads

Usually my beaded stuffs will tend to get smaller and smaller.. haha~ After I manage to make this 2mm teddy bear (the bigger one in the picture), I always wanted to use 1mm beads to make a even smaller one. But the thought that I might not be able to succeed it stop me from making one. However, I finally made a decision over the weekend to try on it, and I SUCCEED!~!~!~ YES YES~!~!~! So the big teddy bear got a small teddy bear to accompany it~ ^-^

Monday, July 06, 2009

Beaded Bride Teddy Bear

This bride is really not an easy task to do. From 3pm till around 9pm at the shop, I only managed to finish the body and around 3/4 of the dress. Went back home, took a rest and bath before continuing the dress and adding in the hands and veil. I only managed to complete the bride at around 2am in the morning... I added on the "diamonds" to the weil the following day to make it look more nicer. Though it was a tough job, but I was very happy when I've completed it! Think must find another day to do the groom, if not the bride will be very lonely.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Beaded Baby

Already find it very cute the first time I saw the beading chart of this. Finally had some time over the weekend after I finish all the card holder's order, so I made 1. And to my surprise, the final product look so cute as well! Haha~

Friday, June 12, 2009

Miura-Ken Rose Again

It's the same kind of rose like the previous one that I've posted, but with leaves & stalk. The rose look even more real after these add-ons, isn't it amazing~?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby Shoes

A pair of baby shoes, isn't it cute? The actual thing looks more real.. haha... I love this!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Miura-Ken Rose

This is one tough origami rose. Finally succeeded after more than 10 failures... =_= However, this is one kind that look alot like the real rose, so I'm very happy when I've finally made it! =D

Monday, May 25, 2009

Beaded Mini Horse

Saw this horse in the display cabinet when I went to buy beads 2 weeks ago. Then I remembered that I actually have a beading book that show how to make this horse. So I tried to make one last week. Amazingly... there's counting error in the beads, counting error in the instruction table and it ends after I've completed the head, body & legs!! I flip the pages a few more times only to realize that the pages that shows how to make the tail etc... was really not inside!! zzzz... Luckily I got download the complete instruction into my PC from a forum last time. The book ended up into the rubbish bin over the weekend. Luckily it cost less than $10.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hoho, my consultant bought me this GIANT size lollipop which consist of normal lollipops inside. IT'S SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! I took out the edible ones and re-wrap the giant lollipop again for keeping~ Haha~ I love this Giant lollipop~~~~

Heart Shaped Box

Fell in love with this box when I first saw it in a forum and was surprise that this box (base & cover) only uses 1 piece of A4 size paper! I make the big one with A4 size paper and then started to make another box with half of A4 size paper and so on. The brown color is the smallest I can go at the moment. Wonder if I can make 1 that is even smaller than the brown one? LOLx, I'll try~

Kawasaki Rose

Always find it amazing when people use a piece of paper to fold a nice rose. The name of this origami rose is called Kawasaki Rose. It look sooooooo nice when there's a lot of it in a bottle, really look like real roses! So, I tried making one, it's not really an easy job making such small one especially when I have sweaty palm. But, I finally did it! Thanks to the "Never Give Up" wordings that appear in my mind!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


2 birthday presents for 2 birthday ladies. Still busy with my cross stitch pocket tissue holder & card holder, but still must find some time to make something for the birthday ladies. =D

Monday, April 06, 2009

Umbrella Handphone Chain

A little umbrella handphone chain. As I only got one kind of length for my T-pin, hence the handle of the umbrella turn out to be a bit short. But still it turn out to be quite cute, isn't it? =D

Beaded Sheep

HOHO~ It's been some time since I last beaded. Did this from a request by one of my colleagues. I think this little sheep will be even more nice if it's in crystal? But will be expensive also.. haha.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Card Holder

My colleagues has been asking me if I know how to make a multi-slot card holder. Previously I did one small card holder for my mini debit card, so I was thinking maybe I can create what they've requested. Since 2 of the female colleagues asked me, might as well make for all the female colleagues. If it's for them, then of course definitely it must be personalized with their name. I start to draw out the arrangement of the letters on graph paper to make sure that it will look nice on the real thing before I started stitching. Oh, by the way, this card holder is made using vinyl weave (rubber kind of material), so it's more durable than Aida cloth ^-^

Pocket Tissue Holder Version 1

I realize that it's actually not easy to find a design that fits the size of the holder well... =_= Had a hard time looking for the design which is of a suitable size, flipping through the books few times. This has been sold off to my boss, who ask me to make another 10 + 2 for him. LOLX~ not bad right? =D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LV Cross Stitch Wallet

I bought this from a Hong Kong online store, it's a D.I.Y cross stitch wallet set. Found it very cute, haha~ it look even nicer when I complete the actual thing. Before I received the package via mail, I thought that the set comes with everything nicely cut into the correct shape and sizes.. but to my surprise... it's one big piece of black plastic canvas!!! And the measurements given are in "X" number of squares by "X" number of squares, I end up counting every now and then to get the correct sizes.. Duhz~ but never mind, the outcome was a satisfactory one. LoL~

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Egg White Small Cakes

Hoho, this was done around CNY too, after making pineapple tarts. As pineapple tarts only need the egg yolks, hence always leaving behind a lot of egg whites. In order not to waste the egg whites as my mum seldom cook nowadays, I make some small cakes that needs only egg whites, sugar and flour. Taste like "鸡蛋糕" without the egg yolk taste..haha~

Mini Cookies

Was baking pineapple tarts for so many weeks till CNY ended. One of my colleagues says the crust of the pineapple tart was nice and she requested for the tart without the pineapple paste. Well, I did as she told, but was thinking "will the tart taste nice at the same size without the pineapple paste?" I'm also afraid that the tart will taste dry... So I decided to make the dough thinner and I took out some cookie cutters and start cutting out different shapes from the dough. Surprisingly, the cookie's taste was not bad, my niece and nephew love them! Haha~ My colleague loves it as well~

Cross Stitch Wallet

Since I'm unable to find a wallet that will meet my requirements, I think I'll just have to make one myself. I used my old wallet as a guide and cut the cloth accordingly to the size of the old wallet before I start to search for a picture that fits in the size of the wallet. The above picture is the end product of my handmade wallet, the side stitching is a little messy due to the thickness of the cloth. This wallet took me around 2 weeks to complete, tough project. However, this is my first time making a wallet, I'm still quite satisfied with it, lolx.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift

HOHO~~~ It's again the time of the year for me to celebrate Friendship Day~!~~!~! This is the gift that my colleagues and friends got from me. Ladies got their initials in pink with black background and the guys got the blue with black background. I gave the gifts out yesterday since today is Friday the 13th =x haha~ The gift is wrap up in a translucent draw string pouch, together with a Ferrero Rocher choclate. Eh, I just think that Valentine's Day must have chocolate lah, don't know why also... think I also got influenced by the Japan's Culture ba... haha~ Though no one give me any gifts this year, but I'm very happy that they all like my gifts! Karen even use it straight away by putting it to her car key! LOLx~ SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY~!~!

A Pouch for My NDSL

Been quite some time since I last stitch... lolx~ Did a lot of beadings recently till never stitch. Wanted to have a pouch for my NDSL which can put in all the things I need for my DS, but unable to find one that meet my requirements.... So~ I've decided to make one myself! It's not really an easy job, because this is the first time trying to sew a zip to the end product. From taking the measurements to choosing the picture to the end product, it took me around 2 weeks to complete! However, I'm quite satisfied with the end product~ now the screen cleaning cloth & the memory card can all put into the same pouch and the best thing is~ it's not a bulky pouch! LOLx~

Imagine next time the things I carry along with me are all made by me? LOLx~ Cannot imagine~ I also don't think I will be so hardworking.. haha~ But I think this will not be the first and last pouch ba.. keke~

Saturday, January 31, 2009

AIA CNY Celebration

Well, since it's CNY, obviously there must be some decorations to be done in the office. After most of the decorations are done, my boss said that the wall in her room is kinda plain with just the CNY deco... And so~ I took some red packets and started to paste it onto the wall, trying my best to make it look like branches. The flowers & butterflies were added in the following days... well, I must say.. still not too bad right? Haha~

Started work on the fifth day of CNY, saw one of my friends from other Agency taking pictures, I also follow suit.. haha. I took out my Nokia handphone and started to snap pictures. The "Lou Hey" started at around 10.40am followed by lion dance around the Agencies. Our agency was a little quiet today, so I got a chance to go off early at around 5pm with my boss's approval, since in office also nothing to do......
The picture with me standing alone was taken at home with the help of my brother~ I think I had a new look this 2009 =D Must maintain~ lolx...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baking Pineapple Tarts

Ok, since I have non-edible stuffs like God of Fortune & "Ong Lai" for CNY. Now it's time for some edible stuffs for CNY - Pineapple Tarts~~~~ It's been about 3-4 years since I last baked something because of the oven which R.I.P. So~ when the house's microwave R.I.P during Christmas, I bought an OVEN home to replace it! MUAHAHAHAHA~~~ Finally I can bake again!!!
The first thing I baked was.. pineapple tarts since CNY was around the corner. My first tray of pineapple tarts were not nice at all, the pineapple paste turn out very hard.. lolx.. guess my baking skill went rusty. However, I did not give up! After my second tray of tarts was better than the first one and the third was better than the second~ I've been baking pineapple tarts for the past few Fridays and Saturdays for my mum to give her friends.
Oh, by the way, the pineapple paste was bought off shelf and it taste great! Save the hassle of making my own pineapple paste + save time also! Haha~ I'm so happy that I can bake again!!!! Slowly I will bake more and more things.. keke~

Beaded Pineapple Charm

Hoho, since the Gods of Fortune are here for the CNY, how can we miss out "ONG LAI"!! These little "ONG LAI" handphone charm will also make us lucky lucky! =D The 10 cents beside the "ONG LAI" is for you to gauge the size of the charm~


Previously I made only one of them, which is the red color God of Fortune. Now, all 5 of them are here! Haha, made these 5 for my parents, wish them super duper good luck in 2009 =D