Saturday, January 31, 2009

AIA CNY Celebration

Well, since it's CNY, obviously there must be some decorations to be done in the office. After most of the decorations are done, my boss said that the wall in her room is kinda plain with just the CNY deco... And so~ I took some red packets and started to paste it onto the wall, trying my best to make it look like branches. The flowers & butterflies were added in the following days... well, I must say.. still not too bad right? Haha~

Started work on the fifth day of CNY, saw one of my friends from other Agency taking pictures, I also follow suit.. haha. I took out my Nokia handphone and started to snap pictures. The "Lou Hey" started at around 10.40am followed by lion dance around the Agencies. Our agency was a little quiet today, so I got a chance to go off early at around 5pm with my boss's approval, since in office also nothing to do......
The picture with me standing alone was taken at home with the help of my brother~ I think I had a new look this 2009 =D Must maintain~ lolx...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baking Pineapple Tarts

Ok, since I have non-edible stuffs like God of Fortune & "Ong Lai" for CNY. Now it's time for some edible stuffs for CNY - Pineapple Tarts~~~~ It's been about 3-4 years since I last baked something because of the oven which R.I.P. So~ when the house's microwave R.I.P during Christmas, I bought an OVEN home to replace it! MUAHAHAHAHA~~~ Finally I can bake again!!!
The first thing I baked was.. pineapple tarts since CNY was around the corner. My first tray of pineapple tarts were not nice at all, the pineapple paste turn out very hard.. lolx.. guess my baking skill went rusty. However, I did not give up! After my second tray of tarts was better than the first one and the third was better than the second~ I've been baking pineapple tarts for the past few Fridays and Saturdays for my mum to give her friends.
Oh, by the way, the pineapple paste was bought off shelf and it taste great! Save the hassle of making my own pineapple paste + save time also! Haha~ I'm so happy that I can bake again!!!! Slowly I will bake more and more things.. keke~

Beaded Pineapple Charm

Hoho, since the Gods of Fortune are here for the CNY, how can we miss out "ONG LAI"!! These little "ONG LAI" handphone charm will also make us lucky lucky! =D The 10 cents beside the "ONG LAI" is for you to gauge the size of the charm~


Previously I made only one of them, which is the red color God of Fortune. Now, all 5 of them are here! Haha, made these 5 for my parents, wish them super duper good luck in 2009 =D