Sunday, December 25, 2016

X'mas Gift 2016

Every year I have to think of what to make for X'mas and I found this shrink plastic art which is kinda interesting. Did some research in Youtube, bought simple material from Daiso and test on it. It was fun so I thought why not, just make this. So, I bought all the materials, I bought a hot air gun too because I am not sure the oven will turn toxic or not if I use it too many times to shrink plastic. If you search Youtube, you will find many instructions which you will think that it is easy. I roughly counted, I have made 108 gifts and I have around 30 spoiled pieces, haha.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Crochet Snorlax

This is a made-to-order Snorlax, as per request by my besties for her to give her colleague on X'mas. I actually rejected at first as I am unable to find any small & nice version online. The best look-a-like Snorlax seriously will go to Mia's Atelier in my opinion. I found her page and bought the yarns, but.... ended up in a mess, the head and body does not match and unable to crochet together. I gave up and pull off all the yarn. I guess subconsciously, I do not like big crochet toy. So I search around again and found this mini version which was in Etsy which is not free. But since I am unable to find any other that captured my attention, I paid for this pattern. And yeah, this came out great and my besties also said this is cute. She bought 2 and therefore I only made 2, I am not sure if I will make another one.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Crochet Baby Bear Booties

Previously I made a few simple baby booties for my new born niece and I was telling myself that I most likely will not be making anymore. But who knows I saw this! This is simply too cute to resist not to make! This is for 3-6 months old but I think is still kinda big for her.I bought the DIY set from Taobao as it's cheap and comes with video instruction link. The material wise is good also, very soft yarn. Hope my brother & sister-in-law like it too. The only thing that I am afraid of is it might be too warm to wear for Singapore weather. Never mind, I will tell her to wear in Shopping Centre XD

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Crochet Amigurumi Pikachu

Seriously I did find more original Pikachu online but either they are too big or too complicated for me to make, or another reason is the pattern is not free. Those who knows me will know that I usually find my pattern online and only look for free version. This Amigurumi version is one of the cutest that I found online, of course there might be more but need to pay.