Friday, November 21, 2008

Dog with Bone

I had this friend to work in a provision shop that I frequent nearly every week after my breakfast. I decided to make something for her after she tell me that the shop will be closed down for some other purposes. I remember she like this rainbow dog when I show her all the beadings that I've done. So I decided to make one for her too but this time round, the little doggie came along with a tiny dog bone~! Since the doggie is made of 3mm beads, so obviously the dog bone cannot be bigger than the doggie right? Hence, the dog bone is made of 1mm beads. If I say I got no problem in making it, I will be lying.. LOLx.. I'm cursing and swearing while making the done bone.. because the beads are toooooooo small. However, it look very cute after completing it. =D

A Birthday Gift

This necklace killed alot of my brain cells... After making the butterfly (it's swarovski crystal), it took me quite sometime to figure out which is the best way to make it into a necklace. After much thought... it turn out to be like this... Luckily, the overall appearance still look nice~ LOLx~ If not I won't dare to give to people.

Friday, November 07, 2008


Don't be mistaken.. I only make the belt of the watch. Had a long and hard time thinking what design is better for the belt before finally decided to use this. The outcome was not too bad. However, the belt end up too long for my wrist.. guess I will have to re-do it over the weekend. Will it look nicer by using crystal? hmmx....