Friday, December 07, 2012

Latest Cartoon to Cross Stitch masterpiece

Original Character from Jeovine In exchange for a Xmas card drawn by her. Hee~ I did her a card & a hp chain of her character. She received it yesterday and she told me that she love it alot. Will post the card that I made later at night. =D

Friday, November 09, 2012

8 Petals Flower version 2

Another version of 8 petals flower. It's a little more challenging than the first version, and I'm glad I managed to make it.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Origami Lover Cranes Part 2!

Tada~!~!~! It really look so much nicer with 2 different colors! This time really look like love birds! Hee~ =D For those who love to make crane should really try this! This is so sweet~~~

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

4 United Cranes

This is even more challenging than the lover cranes. As the folding goes on, the attaching wings nearly broke off! I think I will have to use thicker paper or bigger piece of paper next time in order to make this looks better.

Origami Lover Cranes

I think this is nice, maybe I should try using paper with different colors on both sides. My friend thought this is a crane with 2 heads =_= when it is suppose to be lover cranes!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Painting By Numbers 25 X 25 in size

Took me quite awhile to finish this piece of "Painting By Numbers". As I had back sprain and I couldn't really sit down for long for quite sometime. After my back sprain got better, I started to prepare my DIY Xmas gifts for family, friends & colleagues. So I only completed this last Sunday. I'm quite happy with the end result and I will start another new painting maybe after Xmas! =D

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Aluminium Can Rose

First time trying, not a good job. Seriously it's not an easy job to fold rose using aluminium can. Personally I think the rose is not very smooth yet, my friend says practise makes perfect, I hope so too. Wahaha... At first I thought my fingers will get cuts easily but too my surprise, it does not. Will try to make a better one in the near future =D

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Miniatures in a frame

My first time trying this kind of minature. You have to make everything from scratch, like the books, the sofa etc... I must admit, the workmanship of mine are only so-so, it could be better. It's not an easy job though, as the instructions are too simplified.. it names the material A1-A6 etc on the paper but not on the material itself, so I have to keep referring to the picture in order to ensure that I got the correct material on hand! But it's fun! Strictly not recommended for impatient individuals. Great gift for people who love miniatures & handicrafts. =D If I got the chance and extra cash to spare, I would love to try a bigger one with more things!

Yummy Pastries!

Pastries made out from paper. I bought it from Daiso thinking that it will not be a difficult thing to make but the instructions are in Japanese. Had some problem searching on which piece of paper is for which instructions. Tried to figure out certain things on my own. But I must say.. due to the nice printings on the paper, the pastries really came out looking good =D

Thursday, August 02, 2012

RelaxedLokLok Characters

Original characters from Read the comics and fell in love with these 5 main characters. So I seek approval from the comic artist to convert them into cross stitch. Took me quite some time to draw them nicely to look like the original ones. And here they are, I'm quite satisfied with it though I think there's room for improvements. =D

Friday, July 13, 2012

8 Petals Flower

This one kinda challenging, and instruction was not that clear. I didn't manage to do it on the first try. But I did it on my 2nd try. I think I can do it better on he 3rd try~ =D will make one more soon~

Origami Pika PikaI

I think this Pika is quite cute and quite easy to make. If you know how to make an origami ball, you will have no problem folding this!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mini Couple!

Really mini size.. but it's very cute!! However, it's not that easy to figure out how to make even though the instruction is in front of me.. reason being that the instruction is not very clear. =_= Wanted to give up a few times while making... Anyway, now I manage to figure out, I will make 1 more pair, and I think this time round it will be better =D

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Melody Cushion

After I made the Pom Pom Purin Cushion, I found a few other designs of cushion! This is the Melody design, the original design is only 1-sided but I made it both sides. Lol..I think it looks better on both sides, just a bit troublesome when making it.

Angry Birds & Enemy Cross Stitch Chart

A few has asked me for the Angry Birds Cross Stitch Chart. I draw this but I'm not the one that design it. I took this picture with my handphone as my scanner was down, so it might be a bit unclear... The DMC colours used was based on what I think match the game colours, you may change it to something else that looks better. Hope it helps =D

DMC needed: 3801, 645, 742 & 310
DMC needed: 310, 3801, 742 & 519
DMC needed: 310, 743, 472, 3776 & 703
DMC needed: 310, 666 & 744
DMC needed: 310, 742 & 725
DMC needed: 310, 742, 3853 & 444

Pom Pom Purin Cushion Version 2

This time I use round beads and gosh.. it look so many times better than using bicone beads. I placed an iTouch behind so my friend can gauge how big the cushion is. Tried using 2mm beads to make.. but failed.. =_= Will find time to try again.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Painting By Numbers 15X20

Finally completed this after using 4 days (in 2 weeks time). Those small areas and thin outlines are killers but luckily acrylic paints dry easily and can be overwrite easily too. My elder sister say I have more patience whereas the kids does not. I guess I've trained my patience by doing beadings & cross-stitching.. I still have 1 25X25 & and 1 30X40 painting by numbers with me. I will be making my beading products first before I get back to painting. =D

Pom Pom Purin Cushion

This should look better by using round beads but due to shortage of colours, I have to use bicone beads. It's just a sample anyway, may need to do some changes to cater to my friend's needs. My personal opinion, I still think it look nice. =D Time to go Dragonwell shop to do some shopping.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Painting By Numbers 15X20 in size

2nd try on a bigger piece of painting. This design has more smaller areas to test your skill of tidiness and patience!! When the colour has been slowly filled up, you can feel a sense of happiness and achievement on it! Think I can complete it by Sunday, will update again.

Painting By Numbers 10X15 in size

Got to know this "Painting By Numbers" from a friend. The set consists of a canvas (with picture drawn on it, printed with numbers), containers of paint and a brush (or more depending on the size of the painting). All you have to do is to colour matching the number printed on the canvas and the number labelled on the container. This is my first try, I must say it's quite fun. And the outcome is nice. look professional too. =D

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Net Oranges

Learnt how to make this small orange in about 3 or 4 mins. Didn't know that it's so simple! Haha! Complete making 1 packet of 10 in about an hour time. I tried making slightly bigger ones too, will take picture and post up soon =D