Monday, December 10, 2007

Crystal Handbag

A little handbag made by swarovski crystal. By adding a little chain to it, it can turn out to be a handphone chain. =D Already sold off 2 of them. One of them was sold to my big boss. Seems like my big boss is a loyal customer~ wakaka~ Thanks to him and my colleagues, I've gained alot of confident in myself and my handicrafts. I believe I can do it and I did it!!! I will make it big one day~~!!!

Crystal Schnauzer

This is a difficult Schnauzer... because I did it before I went through the beginner steps. I re-do it for more than 10 times I think, at different stages of the dog. I realize that I must concentrate while doing, if not I will end up missing the steps or lost in the diagram. However, manage to complete it in the end. =D This Schnauzer is made by order, therefore, I already sold it off this morning. =D As it uses alot of crystal, this little Schnauzer is more expensive than the little pig that I've done previously.

Hee~ by the way, I got another order for this dog straight away after I show the picture in my handphone to my big boss~ wakakaka.. I'm sooooooo happy~~~