Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Wooo~~~ All the while, I wanted to create a logo of my own. So if one day I got the chance to be my own boss, then it will be useful. Finally some ideas strike on me yesterday at work, so I drew it down... had a few different ideas.. but think this is the nicest. So~ after some enhancements, and TA DA~~~~ this is the outcome.

Anyway.. the smallest one is for the use on namecard.. which I hope I can use it soon =D Who knows~ one of these days, I might distribute namecard to you~ wakakakaka~ Then whenever you need some small gifts for friends, you know who to look for~ ^-^

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My New Image

Woot~ Went to hair salon yesterday~ thought of just trimming the ends of my hair nia but thinking that maybe I should have a new image. So end up cutting my hair short, lolx~ Think it's kinda short compared to my previous hair length. Was kinda sad when the first batch of hair fell to the ground. Well, the end result was not that bad lah, only became uglier... lolx~~~