Saturday, October 22, 2005


今天﹐我接到我一個好朋友的message。說真的﹐我看到他線上時。。。我真的好高興噢。可是他卻給了我一個晴天霹靂的消息。。。他說他可能不回來新加坡了﹐ 他會長期住在美國。。。因為如果他想要在新加坡找工的話﹐就必須去當兵。他的哥哥已被送回馬來西亞。。。所以他的母親就建議他留在美國算了。。。

我知道後。。。突然覺得胸口一陣 酸痛。。。我也不知道為什麼﹐我覺得好傷心。我知道我的想法可能有點自私。。。可是我很希望他能回來。。。我知道除了家人和一些好朋友之外﹐他是另一個會真心關心我的人﹐雖然他的年紀比我還小。很好笑吧﹖我們的關係說真的很奇怪。。。可是又很要好。。 我也不知道。。。不過如果真是這樣的話﹐我希望他在那裡可以過得很 幸福快樂。我只希望他可以偶爾回來新加坡度假。。。那樣﹐我們就可以敘敘舊了。

Siheng﹐如果我之前的態度有點差﹐我在這裡向你道歉。。。我只是一時接受不了。不過﹐我會收拾起這樣的心情﹐然後真心的希望你能開心。 記得﹐一定一定要在這裡留言給我﹐好保持聯絡。搬家了也一定要告訴我新的地址﹐要不然我會生氣的噢﹐知道嗎﹖


Siheng said...

I have read through your blog. And I have received your letter. I realize how big a surprise this has come to you. But for me, this hasn't been easy either. To be unable to return to the country I grew up in, is truly terrible. However, not much of an option left as I have said before.

Working life is harsh. Even now, with the changing school terms, friends to me, are also a fleeting thing. But nonetheless, I will just meet as many people as I can.

Friends are hard to come by. But nonetheless, being true to people is the least we can do. And knowing how to view people is impt as well.

Just be true to others, I believe that is the way to be happy.

Sorry it took so long for me to reply to you. I just had to think through this without upsetting you. However, in the end, I trust that, the only way is to keep in contact. For no matter where I am, I will be there for you, as I have always told you.

Take care Simui.