Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Gift for the ladies in the Office

This is the Christmas gift (other than the one for gift exchange) for the ladies in the office. I starting making these necklaces since October, and I've made 15 of them! Luckily I've started early, if not confirm cannot finish on time. Also take into account that I might not be able to find the alphabet charms that I wanted and time taken for them to re-stock. Just in time for Christmas~ The girl that sell charm can even recognize me.. haha.. can imagine how frequent I went to the store.. lolx~ I hope the ladies are happy with this Christmas gift~ Imagine the ladies in the same agency wearing the same kind of necklace, should be fun & interesting.

Talking about yesterday Christmas party. I really had a very fun time. After the food and gift exchange, we suddenly became little kids with a can of Flying Snow spray and starting chasing and spraying each other! Haha, it was so fun! One of the guy look like snowman after being attacked by us. Lolx. Will be having another celebration today~ Wishing all a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS in advance!!! ENJOY~ Cheers~