Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift

HOHO~~~ It's again the time of the year for me to celebrate Friendship Day~!~~!~! This is the gift that my colleagues and friends got from me. Ladies got their initials in pink with black background and the guys got the blue with black background. I gave the gifts out yesterday since today is Friday the 13th =x haha~ The gift is wrap up in a translucent draw string pouch, together with a Ferrero Rocher choclate. Eh, I just think that Valentine's Day must have chocolate lah, don't know why also... think I also got influenced by the Japan's Culture ba... haha~ Though no one give me any gifts this year, but I'm very happy that they all like my gifts! Karen even use it straight away by putting it to her car key! LOLx~ SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY~!~!