Sunday, May 23, 2010


After I learn some basic skills from the lesson I took, I went to buy clay, paintbrush & acrylic paint, so I can practice on my own. when I open the clay packaging yesterday, I got a shock as the clay was blue in colour instead of white which I use during my basic course. Well, I just had to use it since I've bought it... So, I begin to mould out the shape of the food I wanted, then let it air dry. Come to painting part - The colours are so off...doesn't really tally with the colour that I had in mind!! *faint* one more time... What to do? No choice, still have to use it... who tell me to buy it because it's cheap.... =_= However, even though all these happened, I'm still happy with the outcome. =D Will try to make more things on my own ^-^


peanuts king said...

So happy to see your improvment in clay making. keep on trying and do whatever you like!
I love your style! ":)

Zenus Ee YenLing said...

Thanks for the comments~ still need more improvement~ =D Will find one day to learn from you again~ of course~ with my friend too~ =D