Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beaded Miniature Dogs

Did this on Sunday night, I think it's ultimately small & cute!! Haha~!~! My sister actually borrow beadings books from library and let me browse through to see if there's nice design~ I immediately fell in love in these doggies!! My sister loves it too after I show her.. she even wanted to order from me. Keke~ Anyway, I made 4 doggies, and I sold the black one yesterday after I show it to one of my colleagues. I sold another one today. Great! *kiss the doggies* By the way, the triple As batteries are for comparison of size. Maybe I'll make one group of doggies and display it on top of my monitor.. haha~


walterbayliss said...

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Zenus Ee YenLing said...

Hi Walterbayliss, thanks for the comments. Just curious, how did you get to know my blog?