Saturday, October 09, 2010

Beaded Little Tiger or Tigger Look-A-Like?

Saw this little cutie hanging in the display cabinet of the handicraft shop and so I ask the shop owner to teach me how to do it~ lolx~ He took out a piece of paper and started to draw out the steps. I started working on it soon after I reach home. And to my surprise, the drawing stopped at the end of the body!! No instructions on legs & hands and the face!!! haha... tried to figure it out on my own for the legs.. but failed.. was too tired. So I brought along the beads to the shop and ask uncle to teach me on the spot.. haha.. After the legs and face, I managed to figure out the hands on my own.
I let my mum see, she say must add some whiskers then will look nicer. So, I added it~ true enough, it do look abit more cuter~ =D Will make one more to put on top of my monitor~ haha~ scare the dogs on my monitor away.. haha!!