Saturday, November 29, 2014

Rainbow Loom Flowers

One day, my friend approach me on Facebook and said she need something special for a friend of hers, maybe a bouquet of flowers that does not wither. I was at my wits end and told her to give me sometime to think about it. In fact, I nearly forgotten about this till she came and remind me about it. I ask her if she is fine with Rainbow Loom flowers, however it won't be a very big bouquet as the each flower is kinda small. She said ok, so I started working on it. Making the flowers and attaching it to the stems. Then come packaging which I seriously is very bad at it -____- I went Youtube to search for video on how to make a bouquet etc, then I went Daiso to search for materials. Anyway, my friend is happy with the end product, and of course her friend of hers love it too. Glad I made both of your days. =D