Sunday, February 07, 2016

Crochet Gutetama

I like to showcase my DIY stuffs which all my friends knew. So my colleague's boss ask me if I know how to crochet Gutetama. I must admit I seriously do not know who/what is Gutetama if he ask me a few months ago. Haha! Anyway, I say I can try, so I try to search online again if there's any free tutorial/instruction and I found one. Nearly everyone can tell this is Gutetama after I show them and my colleague's boss like it too I think. LOL! After making this, I couldn't help thinking why is Gutetama so famous, so I went t search some videos in Youtube and after watching the clip. I also couldn't help but felt in love with Gutetama too. I bet I can make a better Gutetama in the near future.