Saturday, December 24, 2016

Crochet Snorlax

This is a made-to-order Snorlax, as per request by my besties for her to give her colleague on X'mas. I actually rejected at first as I am unable to find any small & nice version online. The best look-a-like Snorlax seriously will go to Mia's Atelier in my opinion. I found her page and bought the yarns, but.... ended up in a mess, the head and body does not match and unable to crochet together. I gave up and pull off all the yarn. I guess subconsciously, I do not like big crochet toy. So I search around again and found this mini version which was in Etsy which is not free. But since I am unable to find any other that captured my attention, I paid for this pattern. And yeah, this came out great and my besties also said this is cute. She bought 2 and therefore I only made 2, I am not sure if I will make another one.