Monday, September 04, 2017

Evacomics will be at STGCC!

I came across Evacomics while browsing Facebook, it's a comic strip that shows the difference between Singapore & Japan, it was funny and so real. So I went to her Facebook page and read all her comics and feel in love with it. Then I bought her first book "Eva, Kopi & Matcha" from Popular in 2014 and I even managed to catch hold of her to sign for me in 2016 when I go and help her out at SSEAYP. That was like almost 2 years before I get her first autograph! And of course I bought her 2nd book at SSEAYP and get her to sign as well XD I was actually kinda sad when I am unable to find her 2nd book in Popular. She is Singapore artist but I am unable to find her work in local bookstore just because it was published in Malaysia? Anyway, putting this aside, the new book "Eva, Kopi & Matcha 2.0" will be on sale at STGCC, time to prepare money and go buy her book and bookmarks! Good luck Eva! May you have great sale!