Tuesday, August 02, 2005

29th of July is not my day!

Haiz.... what to say...

28th of July about 10.30 am: I was doing my usual things, updating addresses etc when this superior came over and ask me to stop and do other things. I answered her ok, but since I was halfway through the piece of address to be updated, I told her that I will stop once I finished up this page.

I was one of those that do not like to throw things that are only half completed to people. To me, that's kind of irresponsible. I started hands on doing the things that she asked me to do at about 11am.

29th of July Morning: Out of a sudden... my superior call me in to a room and say want to have a talk with me. First thing she tell me was that there are no vacancies in the admin department and hence there will be no job for me down there. Then the 2nd thing she do is to scold me... say I've changed alot recently, being stubborn and argumentative. I was ... duhz... don't know what the hell she's talking about lor. Then she brought up yesterday incident, say I'm stubborn because when she told me to stop straight away and do other things, I did not. HUHZ?!?!?! I did tell her that I will start after I finish this page right? When I tried to explain for myself, she complained that I was argumentative. Does that mean I'm not given a chance to defend myself?

She then says that all the admin staff went to her and complain about me being unfriendly, stubborn and argumentative. What the hell? I think people with eyes can tell that that's not true! I know that no matter what I say is of no use. She even got the cheek to say that she will extend me for another 3 months and hopes that I will get along well with the other colleagues. I cried... as I felt so hurt, why all these happen? I've done nothing wrong. I've helped out so much and this is what I deserved?

Same day afternoon: One of my colleagues, also a temp came over and ask me to go out for awhile with her. As my eyes were very red then, I told her that I don't want to go out in this state. She then told me that the same superior ask her in to a room and talk to her also, not much later after I came out. I was... duhz... shocked, what else? She say she has something to tell me also, therefore I went out with her. She say the superior accused her for things she never do also. Ha! What a game that the superior is playing? Both of us learn so much and did so much, and we both kanna framed? My colleague told me that she heard the superior says those 3 new temps cannot go on leave together as they will be her perm staff after they came back from their leave.

?!?!?! What's all these? Just because she wanted the place for her relatives, therefore she tried to kick me and my friend who are not related to her away? If that's the case, tell us straight, we won't be so thick skin and stay. Do she need to frame us like that? I really don't know what to say.

Same day near knocking off time: I was still learning (with another girl) from one of the seniors who will be leaving that department soon, to another department if she was lucky. This girl was really shocked to find me crying in the morning, therefore, she asked me why and what happened. I told her and the senior parts and bits of what happens. And when I told them what the superior said about them complaining about me. They too, was shocked. They asked me why would she say such a thing? They did nothing of that sort. I told the senior that I'm not trying to confront them, but I just cannot take it as it is, and I know they did not do such a thing since they are one of the victims too.

In the end, I think I know why. Those temps were actually her relative's child or relative's child's friend. Duhz.. If she wanted only her families or friends to work for her, just say, don't use despicable underhand methods. I told the senior and the colleague that I just blame it on my luck. I have nothing to fear as I know my consciences is clear. However, this is too much. Since this is my 2 weeks break, might as well take this time to find a new job. I just wanted to work as a full time and have a stable pay. Is it that difficult? Is there no real friendship in the office? Haiz..

Till today I still think it's very unfair for me and for my friend.