Sunday, August 07, 2005

These few days...

My nephew also sick liaoz... poor thing, cough and flu. He always cry cry cry, maybe he feel very uncomfortable ba. Therefore very hard to pat him to sleep. These few days help to babysit him, I see him so poor thing, I also heartache sia... These few days so hot, buay tahan... go out machiam melting. I think that's also one of the reason why my nephew kept crying? The fever machiam on and off, no wonder he so uncomfortable. Watched superstar last Wednesday and Thursday. Realise that Kelly Pan Jia Li and Hong Jun Yang very good, maybe they will win? Lolx, I support them lah. Don't come and tell me who is better... I'm not interested to debate with you all. HAHA.

The pic above is one of the thing that I've played a few years back, however, the so called webbie has updated itself. Previously can only @@ until shoulder, now u can @@ the whole body. But then again, u need to buy tokens to get the clothes. I did not buy, as it caters only for taiwanese I think. Don't ask me how I got the clothes on. LOLX.