Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Rainy day...

Morning: "Wahhh!!! Who is that touching me??!!" I opened my eyes and saw my little nephew. He did surprised me as I don't expect to see him in my house during weekdays. Well, of course he won't appear out of nowhere. Realise my sister fell sick and therefore they are here. My nephew always like to stick to me, so... I woke up lor, what else? I brush and bath then I came down and play with him as my parents are not free due to renovation, my sister was sleeping after the medicine. LOL, I babysit lor, lucky he like to stick to me, if not I also cannot babysit him. There, the notti boy (MY NEPHEW) in the picture.

About 11.30am: I bring him to my mom then I went to change lor, meeting friends at Tampines at 1pm. Took him back and babysit while my mother prepare lunch. Ring~~~~ Regina called me and ask if it's possible to go out earlier and accompany her look for things. Alamak, wrong timing! Of course I can't because I have to babysit my nephew till my mom is free to take over. So I told her I can only meet her at 1pm.

12++pm: RING!!!!! Aiyo, why so many calls? Luckily my line is incoming calls free, if not I'm sure to faint on the bill. Haha~ Regina says it was raining elephants at Tampines, first thing I do is? Look out of the window lah! Nothing mah, still got sun wor... Then she say no need to go liao, change to tomorrow. "Pengz, I changed swee swee liao. Haiz, go change back house clothes lor. What to do?" Think most happy is my mom liao.. because I can help to babysit while she do her things lor. Then worst thing is my house under renovation lar... the dust "fly/float" around the house... "Ahhhh Choooooooo!" Liao.... my sensitive nose, so itchy~~~.

RING~~~ Eh who is it again? OH~ Wei Hao lah, afraid that I don't know the meeting change to tomorrow. He called at the wrong time also, because I sound so "sexy". HAHAHA, my nose lor, he thought I was sick. Sorry hor brother, my nose sensitive lah, not sick, don't worry.

So what have I been doing for the day? I think hor, the whole day I've been babysitting lor. My nephew sleep in my room also because living room also under renovation, he got no place to sleep. Haha, then I feed him with his "gu ni" also... play with him when he open his eyes big big and look at me. Just feed him milk at about 7pm, finally got some time of my own. "...." I think I heard my stomach yelling for food... haha, it's time for my dinner~ Here I come~!~~!!~


Tabbe said...

your nephew looks like my friends baby... maybe all kids face looks alike ba hehe. good work for your new blog. keep the hard work going~