Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cross Stitch Book Cover

Hee~ I'm going to talk about my hands from now onwards. This is a free notebook I got from a the show "校墓处", because I won't the tickets from i-weekly. The notebook cover was... duhz.. looks like corpse lying around.. so horrible looking. Therefore I decided to change the cover of the notebook!

First I choose a design that fits the cover of the notebook, then I stitch out the design.

Paste the design on the book cover & ta da~~ done!

I am quite happy and satisfied with this piece of work, as it's just an idea, not sure whether will it work and I just go ahead blindly, haha~ This notebook end up in my brother's room... he say he like it and snatch away -_-" .. haha.. but it's ok, it feels good when people recognise your efforts~