Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hair Cut

The last time I cut my hair short was like around 6 years ago. Has been keeping long hair since then (of course I trim my hair every now and then). So I suddenly got very "sian" of my long hair, reason being:

  • Hair was heavy as long
  • Hair look messy if I do not tie it up as I have natural curl hair
  • As I do not have eyes on the back, so most of the time only pony tail or pleats
  • Hair was dry due to hair dye
  • So, with the above reasons, I decided to cut my hair short again. I nearly cut away the all the coloured hair, still left a bit on the right side of my hair though. Out of curiosity, I ask my hairdresser, Tonny

    Me: Did anyone ever cried when you cut their hair short upon their request?

    Tonny: Of course! I thought I cut wrongly when she cried.

    Me: Then? What happened after that?

    Tonny: She told me to ignore her and continue to do what I am supposed to do. LOL

    Hmmx, I thought you have already made up your mind before you went to the salon? Why cry? I am seriously just curious. Can someone tell me the reason? Anyway, there goes my hair, though my hair now is not tom boy hairstyle, but its slightly below shoulder length so I can still tie my hair when I am doing my handicrafts.